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Collectively Realizing
Global Opportunities

DFJ Global Network is a robust venture collective that brings together experienced investors and innovative entrepreneurs from across sectors and continents to share strategies, source opportunities, and create greater value.

Welcome to DFJ Global Network

DFJ Global Network Advantage

A self-governed collective of independent venture funds and their portfolio companies that puts global resources, intelligence, relationships, and capital at the fingertips of its members.

  • Global due-diligence and market intelligence
  • Expanded deal flow via referral and syndication opportunities
  • Annual CEO Summit and Network gathering
  • Monthly calls and portfolio company events
  • Introductions to strategic exit partners
  • Informal business development network
  • VC resources and industry contacts
  • Introductions to prospective limited partners

Experience & Insight

Fund GPs on the value of network membership

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Europe & Middle East

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